Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Museum of Civilization

Today's trip out took me to the Museum of Civilization (one of the many places I wanted to hit before heading back to the Maritimes .. so that means, I'll have to hit the National Gallery of Canada on my way back to Nunavut, as I leave for NB tomorrow night).

All I can say is WOW. I could have spent all afternoon there (three hours in all today - most of it spent down on the first floor exhibit) in the Grand Hall exploring the Native Peoples of Canada’s West Coast exhibit and the The First Peoples Hall that celebrates the diversity and contributions of Canada’s First Peoples from their earliest origins to the present day. Spending my time down there and seeing some familiar sights and even just knowing where and what some of the "artifacts" were and what they were used for brought it really to life for me.

Then I went off and spent some time after lunch perusing the The Canada Hall and the Face to Face: The Canadian Personalities Hall (yes, even teachers do go off for history lessons during their summer months - aren't we a crazy lot?). The Canada Hall took me on a "tour" of Canada's evolution, from our humble beginnings living in tents and cabins, all the way to the modern comforts of today and how Canada changed province to province. Upstairs in the Personalities Hall, I got my fill on Canadian political, religious, military (and so forth) figures that have all impacted Canada in one way or another.

It still amazes me how they can fit all of these exhibits into that museum - the architecture inside what just amazing.

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