Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tales from the Arctic ... over the Arctic (pt.2)

More thoughts, meanderings and rambles from on the "road"

Success! We landed in Iqaluit .... and we are also going to be departing Iqaluit on time for Ottawa! Whoop-whoop! Arriving in Iqaluit, I ran into many people from Arctic Bay who were on their way back up North, as well as many other southern teachers and RCMP members who were heading either out to other communities or down south for the summer - we all had a good quick chat, and then realized that we better hurry our butts into the security check line as it was getting pretty long (with two packed flights heading to Ottawa .... and the massive amount of electronic gear I had on my back, I knew that it was going to take a while).

And as usual ... my little hard drive managed to get me extra screened at the checkpoint. "Mam, what exactly is this?" (security guy pointing to a screen). "That is a hard drive". "Ok, mam, we are going to have to swab test your bag" (security guy taking my bag over to the swabbing area). "Ok" (me rolling my eyes .. sigh). Well, as usual, I made it through the check point with flying colors.

We all made it through, and were all just hanging out in the waiting area for our boarding call ... well, what can I say, the flight to Ottawa basically turned into a great big party in the air - the plane was full of teachers, RCMP, military and a couple of researchers. We just ran around, swapping stories all throughout the flight. I don't think the poor flight attendants really knew what to do with us.

Shortly before 5:00pm, we landed in Ottawa - and boy was it warm (at least compared to what I am used to) ... and long story made rather short, I am now here staying with my relatives for a while and I plan to do the tourist bit while I am here (figure why not! It's my summer vacation!)... and of course, we are going to be doing the oh so important task tomorrow of taking Kennie shopping for some "summer" appropriate clothes - I guess well worn jeans, hoodies and Birks don't exactly cut it down south for summer gear ;-).

So to everyone that is wondering where I am, no worries, I am safe and sound in Ottawa .... and will eventually be making the trek back to NB.

Hope everyone has a great summer break!

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