Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tales from the Arctic .... Over the Arctic (pt.1)

Thoughts, meanderings and rambles while in the air over Nunavut ....

Well everyone, I made it out of Nanisivik this morning. It didn’t look too hopeful around 6:30 as the sky was grey, King George could not been seen and there was this ominous fog drifting in over the sound across the bay. I was pretty bummed out. So I waited .. and waited ... and waited until 7:30 before I called to the airport to find out if my flight was still on schedule. And did I ever hear the best words of the week coming out of Tim’s mouth “Why yes dear, the flight to Iqaluit is still on - are you excited now?” Excited doesn’t begin to describe it. I was ecstatic! Vacation time here I come!

Off I went dancing around the house, pulling together the last couple of items that i needed to stuff into my pack before heading out ... not at all thinking that I should probably give my drive to the airport a call to let him know that the flight was still on.... luckily, one of us does have a brain in the morning and he called shortly after to inquire about my flight status.

The ride to the airport was uneventful, for what a 30km drive to Nanisivik can be - although, we did make it there in record time - got to love it when the driver will drive faster than 40km/hr on the twisty roads. Felt like a roller coaster ride at times (just added to the complete and total excitement that I was already experiencing) - many thanks for the ride to the airport too! I owe you!!!

We get to the airport, and I am pretty sure that he did this right on purpose, as he knew I was wearing my Birks (like I was going to be wearing sneakers down to Ottawa where it is +30 right now - ha! I arrived in Arctic Bay wearing Birks, I leave Arctic Bay wearing Birks), and parked right in a freaking snow bank. So there I am, staring down at the snow covered ground going “Oh &@#! - you did this on purpose!”. All I get is a good laugh out of him, as I see my bag being lugged into the airport.

So, here I now am, 1. 5 hours into a three hour flight, sitting back, listening to tunes, and going to be going back to my nap soon .... my seat mate and I are both "leaning" on each other to keep up from falling over while napping - we are quite the sight!

Here’s hoping that my flight from Iqaluit to Ottawa goes smoothly.


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